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BWF Radio Special – Wonderpod Invasion

Earlier in the summer, Joe, J.T. and G of Bored Wrestling Fan Radio issued an open challenge to the crew over at Wonderpod to send their best guys over as a play off of the revealing of the third member of the nWo in WCW during The Bash at the Beach of 1995. Today, on […]

Stampede Wrestling Classics? Kind of…

Oh no! G has invaded again!! BOO!!! BOOOOOO-URNS!!!!! This week I return to give PatMan a break and bring you some Stampede Classics… or something related to the Stampede Wrestling professional wrestling promotion from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This week brings a famous Hart brother and an innovator of Mixed Martial Arts to a head… and […]

PatMan Picks- Stampede Wrestling Favorite Matches. Part 1.

Welcome to what may, or may not, become a semi regular feature here at wPo. As you all should know by now both Audio Master G and my self have grown up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of Stampede Wrestling. In our popular  1 time podcast, ” two man reviews, Stampede Wrestling”  we talked […]