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Wonderpod Episode 229

Time for Wonderpod. This week Glasenator takes over the hosting duties for the first time. He did an amazing job. Which allowed for many muted sea shanties. Be very glad the mute was in use. Enjoy the show people!

Wonderpod Episode 158

This week’s Wonderpod wanders all over the map. To the point that I am not even sure how to describe it in the show post ramble. It all has a video game theme, but we delve into some deeper topics. While bringing back topics from the previous weeks shows. We even have a drive by […]

Wonderpod Episode 130

This week on Wonderpod. Chris is back for more. Can last weeks adventures with him be topped? Not sure, but we sure tried. Between fart jokes and speculating about Swedes we talked about video games. Give it a listen there is something for everyone.

Pac-Man Fight (Google Chrome)

There are times a game will make you stop and stare. In this case it was in a what the hell kind of way. The game is called Pac-Man fight. I am not sure what Namco is going to think of this little 3D platformer, but it was worth a post to me. While I […]

Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 41 – 45

Hey friends, SRD here again. And once again, I’ve rounded up all our friends from Wonderpod, TCR Comix and Nintendo Legend for another round of our Top 50 Games of All Time. This week’s installment has both some classics and some deep cuts, and one particular entry that may or may not cause quite a […]

PatMan Plays. Ms. Pac-Man TV games system

One of my favourite personal mottos in life is quite simple, if its free its for me. And so when I received the Ms Pac-Man TV game system as a gift years ago I gladly took the retro toy with open arms, and more importantly, an open mind. Sure, at the time I received this […]

PatMan Plays Episode 2 : Pac Pix DS

Pac Man. Even after all these years, the lovable yellow circle with the eating disorder still has what it takes to entertain gamers around the world. His name is synonymous with old school arcade gaming and is absolutely legendary among video gamers worldwide. Since the games introduction in 1980, Namco has created numerous sequels and countless remakes of their yellow-circled hero, including some […]