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PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8 : Luigi vs Mii !

What is going on people? I have ,once again, been enjoying the fun that Mario kart 8 has to offer. It will take a great game to stop me from returning to these Kart sessions. Will Destiny be that game? I will find out in a few weeks. This weekend however , it was an […]

PatMan Plays Strider. Xbox One.

I have played more than my fair share of action /platformers in my game past. Yet I have never played Strider. That is until last week.  And, for the relatively inexpensive price of 14.99, I am enjoying this title very much.  The game has that classic old school feel to it while also having a […]

Wonderpod Episode 145

Wonderpod this week may seem a little glazed and confused. That wasn’t misspelled, just ganking crap I read on social media. We were joined by one of the original three and things pretty much spiraled out of control from there. Just wait until we actually talk about Ouya.

Wonderpod Episode 99

We have made it to episode 99. The last of the double digit episodes. Normally I am not the kind to get super nostalgic about milestones. Still there is sense of accomplishment with 99 down and soon to hit the century mark. Better not get to far ahead of myself. We still have this episode […]

PatMan Picks N64 Favorites: StarFox 64.

We gamers sure are spoiled these days. The visuals, sounds and online functionality in our modern games have us at a point where we might not even remember how special it was back when something really different or never before experienced appeared in a title. Star Fox 64 was one revolutionary home video game that […]

Wonderpod Episode 73

Here is a brand spanking new Wonderpod for you all. This week Jonkind joins us again as Glasenator is still MIA. I am hearing rumors he will return next week. So you Glasenator fans get ready for his triumphant return. This show did what no other episode of Wonderpod has done. We never even got […]

Two Man Reviews Episode 1

Hey there, we got a new audio thing were giving a try. Pat and I sat  down tonight and put together our thoughts on a co-op game we recently finished playing. If they banner doesn’t give it away, I will tell you which game after this.