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Patman Plays More And More Mario Kart 8 DLC.

Another fun weekend has come and gone, and I have had the opportunity in between family time to play more of the great DLC for Mario Kart 8. I wont go on about how fun it is, you already know all that. And, if you listened to the latest Wonderpod , you will hear about […]

PatMan Plays Conkers Big Reunion. Project Spark

I am excited to say that Conker is back! Well, sort of back. I suppose. Kind of. There is a 5 dollar DLC pack that allows Project Spark gamers to play a new episode of Conker. The game is using the tools and assets that are in Project Spark. The DLC is “Decent” and yes […]

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. New DLC

What is going on, people? More great DLC for Mario Kart 8 is what is going on, and it is great fun. I only had a little bit of time with it last night but I am enjoying the hell out of what I played thus far. Here is a quick video of my Amiibo […]

PatMan Plays Destiny. Even More Fun With A Friend.

What is going on people? My 16 day stretch away from work is almost at an end. In between my travels I did find a bit of time for Destiny. I even had the pleasure of teaming up with a friend to take on the darkness! I’m early in but enjoying it. It’s a cross […]

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8 : Luigi vs Mii !

What is going on people? I have ,once again, been enjoying the fun that Mario kart 8 has to offer. It will take a great game to stop me from returning to these Kart sessions. Will Destiny be that game? I will find out in a few weeks. This weekend however , it was an […]

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Weekend Fun.

  What IS going on , people? Another fun summer weekend is what’s going on! In between all the summer activities I have had time to squeeze in some late night Mario Kart 8 action, and I have a new video to show. The more I think about it, the more it becomes evident that Mario Kart 8 […]

Pat Man Plays. Ryse : Son Of Rome. Mini Review.

Ryse : Son Of Rome has been a bit of a love hate experience for me. I am now over 75 percent finished and it has been a pretty good, yet sometimes frustrating game to play. I suppose if you consider its not so good development history, that’s par for the course. Lets face it Ryse […]

PatMan Plays Titanfall Beta. Day 2. New Game type.

I have had a little more time with the Titanfall Beta and I am enjoying it even more than last night. I played a different game type today and it will probably become my favorite.  It is based on the classic Battlefield game type of taking positions and defending them. The more positions you have, […]

PatMan Plays Halo : Spartan Assault. Xbox One.

While everyone is relaxing and eating Christmas leftovers today I have recorded yet another  game-play video on my Xbox One. This time around it is footage of Halo Spartan Assault, a $14.99 downloadable twin stick shooter set in the Halo universe. If the name seems familiar that would be because the game was released originally […]

PatMan Plays Infinity Blade 2. Under $1, For The Rest Of June.

The original Infinity Blade was , for its time , the most impressive iPhone game ever made. With visuals on par with consoles yet game play specifically crafted for short bursts of handheld gaming, it was and still is a great iOS title. Then came it’s sequel, Infinity Blade 2, with even more impressive graphics […]