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Get Your Minecraft LEGO This Summer.

Looks like Minecraft fans will be able to take their fun PC gaming obsession right into the real world this summer as Minecraft and Lego have teamed up to release, well, Minecraft LEGO!  While I am not big into the Minecraft thing to be honest, I know some members of the Wpod crew are excited about this […]

Science Commercials

Okay so this is actually a trailer for Portal 2. Still I was able to amuse myself for a good ten minutes thinking about science commercials. I could just see Bunsen burner ads and buying beakers at  beakers and more located in the mall next to hot topic.  If you have no clue why I am yammering about […]

Video Tuesday: Broken Alarm

For some bloody reason, my alarm didn’t go off this morning. So I am now an hour behind and not very happy. So another crappy Tuesday for me means funky video for you.  A trailer for the game Alice: Madness Returns, the trailer is slightly twisted. I have been paying a little attention to this […]

Serial Killers Are Cool

Look at me mom I can write one day and be lazy the next. Ranting about large people has worn me out.  The truth is I want to get in some more time with Beyond Good and Evil HD. So here is a trailer for Rockstars upcoming title L.A. Noire. Should make Gunsage squeal. Video […]

Video Tuesday Again

Okay so I didn’t have a written update in me this morning. So I went video hunting and found this little gem. It may not technically be news, but it is funny. Warning it is in no way shape or form safe for work. This is the trailer for a new series from gametrailers.  What […]