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Gamers. They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.(Super Metroid Miiverse Reaction)

So as I type this,  Super Metroid is available for the amazingly low price of only $.30 on the Wii U. Not only can you play one of the best Super Nintendo games of all time for basically nothing ,you can also play on the touch pad if the television is being used by someone else. Have […]

Wonderpod Episode 132

This weeks Wonderpod was largely improv and ad-lib. Still about video games and all that fun stuff, but largely pulled out of a hat live on recording day. We hope you love it. This type of show is always the most fun for the crew. Special thanks to Glasenator for the photo shop magic. The […]

Wonderpod Episode 92

Wonderpod is alive and well. We all enjoyed our brief hiatus and it shows. The main point of this episode was to make predictions for the coming year. While we accomplished the goal you will notice a theme through out the show. Feel free to look at the hilarious results of said theme at the […]

PatMan Picks N64 Favorites: Goldeneye 007.

Before the N64, the only place for a good first person shooter was on the PC. But then came Turok with, for its time,  superior visuals filled with full polygonal graphics and a more open environment than the traditional corridor shooters on PC. PC games would, of course, very quickly catch up to the N64 with the use of 3D graphics cards, […]

Wonderpod Episode 90

Finally, Wonderpod episode 90 has come back to WPO. Fun fact the audience may want to know. Buying a new PC means you will get be screwed side ways and not just by shovel ware. So much for plug and play! Okay shitty pun’s out of my system we got a great show for you, […]

Wonderpod Video Game podcast Highlight reel

Welcome to another episode of the Wonderpod Video game highlight reel. This time around its another episode from the past as we discussed the launch of the  iPad and what we thought about it. Now that the iPad 2 is out, it is interesting to see what we thought of the original launch. As always […]