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PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Zombie Outbreak

Ok, I know what you are thinking. PatMan, seriously, another frigging Zombie game? You don’t even LIKE most of them. And you would be right, except for 2 reasons. One, its a cool little trivia game, not a shooter or adventure game. The other reason? Yeah you guessed it. ” If it is FREE it is for […]

PatMan Plays – More Halo Reach With The Wonderpod Crew.

Welcome, once again, to another PatMan plays.This time around I will share with you another Halo Reach “Team Wonderpod” video that I made a while back. If you are one of our friends on facebook, you may have seen it a little while ago there. If your not one of our friends on facebook, send […]

Glasenator Plays Minecraft

Since we’ve been talking about it a lot on the podcast recently I though it would be interesting if I showed off my Minecraft world.  Let me know if you’re interested and I might possibly do more.

PatMan Plays – Kinect. How to look like a fool and enjoy every moment!

Welcome to another PatMan Plays.  This time I bring you a video I made a while back that some of you may have seen on our official facebook page ” Wonderpod On Line”. I called it Kinect is SUPER hardcore, making fun of those who dislike Kinect only due to the “casual” persona it carries. […]

PatMan Plays Episode 3 – Halo Reach,Team Wonderpod style!

What is going on people?  Welcome to another episode of PatMan Plays.  This time I am  highlighting my personal game of the year, Halo Reach. Why did I pick the game as my personal game of the year, you ask? Well you haven’t down loaded our year end special then, it seems. Why don’t you download it on […]