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Wonderpod EP 220 Video

Time for the video portion of Wonderpod Episode 220. I know trying this wrecked the audio podcast a bit. Warning it is a very long video, but you should be able to knock it out in a few sittings. For future videos they will be separate from the podcast itself. More on that in the […]

BWF Radio WM29 Pregame Show

This week on BWF Radio, we get Joe calling us live from outside the IZod arena waiting to get into WrestleMania 29. He depicts his experience from the crowd outside. He elaborates on his experience with his wife at the WWE Hall of Fame induction last night. The podcast goes slightly off the rails as […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Asphalt 7

Another fun racing game has gone “free for a limited time” on iOS. This time it is a visually impressive arcade style racer by the name of Asphalt 7 Heat. If you have played the other games in this series you know exactly what to expect. While there is nothing revolutionary to play here it […]

BWF Radio Episode 36: Special SummerSlam Edition!

Joe, G, and JT are joined this week by WrasslorMonkey from Wrestling With Text, Jonkind from Wonderpod Online, our very own Drowgoddess, and have audio sent in by “Professor Salmon and Zwan.”  This unique cast of characters spend the first hour giving their predictions and thoughts on tonight’s SummerSlam event from the WWE, and the […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. D-Day Normandy

Looking for an old school, arcade style shooter? Well, this one looks to have been inspired from the classic Commando coin op of the past and while maybe not as good as that classic game, its pretty darn fun once you level up a few ranks . Download  D-Day Normandy quickly, because its time as a free app on the iPhone is pretty limited. […]

Wonderpod Episode 109

This week’s Wonderpod is 100% demon free. It’s also longer than usual, which is a good thing. We got into some very good debates as well. It’s always nice when the show just kind of flows. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. I am now off to contemplate why Skype […]

BWF Radio Presents: WrestleMania 28 Post-Game ShowBWF Radio Presents: WrestleMania 28 Post-Game ShowBWF Radio Presents: WrestleMania 28 Post-Game Show

ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT reconvene after WrestleMania 28 to give their thoughts on the show, including the very short World Heavyweight Championship match, the things that were on the show that could have been scrapped to make that match go longer, contrasting opinions on the Rock/Cena match, which two matches stole the show, and more. […]

BWF Radio WrestleMania 28 EditionBWF Radio WrestleMania 28 EditionBWF Radio WrestleMania 28 Edition

How better a way to kick off our “Celebration of Professional Wrestling” than to bring you a jam-packed WrestleMania prediction show with special guests abound? Oh, radio, tell me everything you know. Do you hear voices in the air? Hear them loud and clear? Are they telling you to listen? Then stop listening to Machine […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…

The following is a repost of A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!. We are about to kick things off again this year in celebration of WrestleMania 28, which occurs on April 1st, 2012… unless of course Vince McMahon is secretly planning on the biggest April Fool’s Day joke ever played on wrestling fans. This […]

BWF Radio 15BWF Radio 15BWF Radio 15

We’re back!  And hopefully I won’t mistype the link to the actual podcast this week.  Check out the new format of BWF Radio!  We recap the shows, and then we talk about the news around the wrestling world this week.   A discussion on Hulk Hogan’s sex tape sets the tone as we talk about […]