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Smackdown 11/15/13

Introduction goes here, I guess. Oh and make sure you check out BWF Radio this Sunday where we celebrate our second episode in one hundred years! It’s going to be a show! Hopping time…

Smackdown 07/05/13

Well, after two odd weeks of Smackdown reviews due to watching my city flood and then attempting a mad scramble to secure a place to live amidst a throng of displaced Calgarians attempting to do the same, I guess I’m back. Am I better than ever? Not if my name is Eric and I help […]

Smackdown 02/22/13: Wednesday Drivers!

Obviously with Jack Swagger getting a DUI for smoking marijuana and driving erratically on Wednesday, the impact of said offense will not be reflected on tonight’s Smackdown. It will, however, leave one to speculate on whether this is the last time we see Jack Swagger and Zeb… potentially ever. So let’s all put on our […]

Smackdown 02/15/13: Kill it With Fire Episode

Well, here we are. One more PPV to get through until the final stretch before WrassleMunia. Good times, good times. To be honest, the card looks pretty solid, and I expect Sunday will deliver a solid show. As for Smackdown, this probably will a whole bunch of clip packages and filler. Perhaps one or two […]

BWF Radio 54

Even within the madness of the holidays, the BWF Radio crew returned on Sunday to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. The WWE offered up a sleigh-full of content including the stellar TLC PPV and a Tribute to the Troops within their regularly scheduled programming. We saw the returns of people like Ric […]

Smackdown 10/26/12: Hell in the/a Cell Go Away Show

Sweet Jeebus, there is a PPV on Sunday and this is the WWE’s last ditch effort to convince you to pay for it. After battling the ratings challenge of this month, including going up against the NFL, MLB playoffs, infomercials, and the Presidential debates, you’d think they’d treat this show like it meant something. But […]

BWF Radio 12

Joe, JT, and G are back to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. Today’s topics include Jesse Sorensen’s injury, Kurt Angle’s Olympic chances, RAW’s bad editing, Impact’s bad booking, and SmackDown’s bad Elimination Chamber sell. We also discuss potential future WrestleMania opponents for The Undertaker, who might possibly attack and replace Santino, and […]

BWF Radio Episode 6

The BWF Radio crew are back for the new year with episode 6 of the show. This week we talk Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, the return of Chris Jericho, the reasons why there is so much underutilizd talent in WWE, and we predict TNA’s Genesis Pay Per View. Right click & save the link below […]

Smackdown: 09/23/11

Since my DVR selectively chose not to record Impact last night, I opted to give Smackdown a chance. Did it record? I hope so, but you wouldn’t be reading this sentence if it did not. Probably the biggest story, or strongest, is that Mark Henry won the title from Orton last Sunday. It took him […]

Impact Wrestling: 09/15/11.

Hot off the heels of a terrible turrible pay-per-view, Impact Wrestling returns to the airwaves to torment and torture us all. A few notables to consider coming off of that show, is that Angle retained and Sting is not your new champion. This means the Hogan/Sting debacle that should occur at Bound For Glory will […]