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Wonderpod Episode 295

Wonderpod is a daring duo again this week. We cover lots of fresh topics along with one from last week. It carried over to give it the proper discussion time. We also dropped some information concerning the podcast itself. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 287

Here comes more Wonderpod. We start out as three and end as two. That is no riddle, it is just simple subtraction. A number of topic revisits mixed in with some news and a few jokes. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend

Wonderpod Episode 199

Wonderpod has rolled into the station at stop 199. We stand on the precipice of our 200th episode. Speaking of that next week we will do the show 100 percent live. Further details on the where and when are coming this Monday. We will hope you join us for the live show. This week we […]

Wonderpod Episode 189

It is time for the first Wonderpod of 2014. First show of the year and we are all over the place. If you like our more schizophrenic episodes, the this weeks show is for you. We never plan them this way and trust me if we could we would. Give it a listen and tell […]

Wonderpod Episode 147

This weeks Wonderpod covers two major announcements in the world of gaming. The problem was It felt like we were left with more questions than answers. That didn’t stop the Wonderpod crew from creating an interesting discussion out of the mess. Hit the button and will move forward.

The True Price of VideogamesThe True Price of VideogamesThe True Price of Videogames

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is what I think videogames are really worth. When I was a kid, videogames were traditionally $40 brand new and would often go down in price within a year. Now, while the pricing scheme is usually the same, just scaled to $60 instead of $40 to start, […]

Used Game Sales Bad!!

For those of you that don’t know I cruise a lot of gaming sites when trawling for podcast fodder. Normally anything I find gets worked into Wonderpod in some shape or form. A story like the one I am about to post for you is generally ignored right from the start. Because it is yet […]

Wonderpod Episode 73

Here is a brand spanking new Wonderpod for you all. This week Jonkind joins us again as Glasenator is still MIA. I am hearing rumors he will return next week. So you Glasenator fans get ready for his triumphant return. This show did what no other episode of Wonderpod has done. We never even got […]

Wonderpod Episode 58

Well hello there, did you miss us? That’s right Wonderpod is back and slightly better than two weeks ago. We had another episode 50 moment and well shit happens. We think we got the problem sorted for good this time. So we gathered last night and talked about video games. I was very tired during […]