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“Who Really Deserves the WWE Hall of Fame?” – J. Ruff

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! In a tradition that has become one that accompanies WrestleMania weekend where ever the WWE takes the event, the Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of legends of the ring. Like most HOF’s, there are different wings for induction. In the case of the WWE, they have a celebrity […]

Two Man Reviews: Stampede Wrestling

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! Earlier this year over at Wonderpod-Online, Bruce McGee and PatMan created a new theme of podcast for our site. PatMan and I decided to continue the series with a conversation reminiscing about our experience growing up in Calgary, the “Hart”land of the Stampede Wrestling promotion. What a perfect way […]

WCW Nitro Results 3/26/01

The Celebration of Professional Wrestling begins! Ten years ago, almost exactly to the minute that this article was published, the television wrestling landscape changed forever. Only seconds before, the Monday Night War was still underway… but that would change in one fell swoop as Vince McMahon dramatically showed up to open WCW’s final episode of […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Begins This Saturday!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… it’s time for a Celebration of Professional Wrestling. That’s right folks! The showcase of the immortals, WRESTLEMANIA, is just over a week away! In a conjoint assembly of marks, smarks, and fans alike, Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod-Online staff have united to create a week long tribute to […]