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GTA 5: Psycho Gumball 2

So this video is late. I also learned that I did not know how to spell psycho. If not for Agent K catching it a month after the first one. Got to love the internet. Anyway I am back attempting to complete the police infested road race from hell. For extra difficulty I did it […]

McGee In: Flat Out 2 EP 2

I took the heap out to the track again. Let’s just say it went better last time. It was also a lot easier. Chaotic fun for all. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee In: Flat Out 2

One great thing about video games. It is easy to travel back in time and play things I missed. To this day not sure how I survived 2005-2007 without internet. Anyway enough flashbacks for now. Let’s race! Enjoy the video guys.

Ridge Racer Driftopia (trailer)

Last night on Wonderpod we dropped the news of a new Ridge Racer. I can hear people screaming it now, just like we did last night. Anyway I thought I would drop the reveal trailer for the newest game Driftopia. The game is slated to come out in late 2013. The game will be coming […]

Wonderpod Episode 140

Second to last show of the year. It will be nice for the crew to get a short break, but lots of fun doing these each week. Next week is all about year in review. Feel free to send us your picks for games of the year and down loadable game of the year. If […]

You Love It, I Hate It – Grand Theft Auto 4

Back in the 90s I played both the original GTA and GTA2 on my PC. They sucked. Imagine Spy Hunter, but being able to turn in all directions, the camera doesn’t adjust, the angle isn’t wide enough to see if you’re going to run into shit, there’s no mini-map, there are lives, and while there […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games: High Octane

Welcome to another PatMan Picks Retro PC games. This time around I am picking one of my favorite racing/action titles on the PC. It was made by the folks at Bullfrog using the same engine that powered the classic Magic Carpet game, which I may or may not talk about another time. The title I […]

Retropod – Episode 4

No, we are NOT dead actually! Behold, another brand spanking new episode of Retropod! May your loins quiver with excitement and possibly excrement! Enjoy!