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Wurm Unlimited: Port Durendale Tour

Happy Friday people! Time for another Wurm deed tour. Why do I always do this shit at night? Because I record when I have time. That real life thing always getting in the way. You guys enjoy this one and I will record during daylight next time. I want to get a little more done […]

Wonderpod EP 220 Video

Time for the video portion of Wonderpod Episode 220. I know trying this wrecked the audio podcast a bit. Warning it is a very long video, but you should be able to knock it out in a few sittings. For future videos they will be separate from the podcast itself. More on that in the […]

Wonderpod Episode 115

It’s Friday, time for a brand new Wonderpod. This week we go from a trio to a daring duo. Glasenator is out on the road selling Amway. Last we heard he was in Vegas trying to sell laundry detergent to the mob. We got a one of the more laid back and mellow shows for […]