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The Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. HayashiThe Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. HayashiThe Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. Hayashi

In a secret warehouse… they come to fight… for cold hard cash… and control of…. The Underground. Like something out of the cabinet era of fighting video games a la Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, The Underground kicked into high gear today with it’s debut episode. We’re introduced to the concept by “former” champion “King.” […]

iMPACT Wrestling: 05/26/11

Last week, wrestling mattered. Or so we were told. Did it? Are you sure? I’m not convinced. While I like the facelift of the iMPACT zone. Then sadly, the next day we found out that Randy Savage had tragically passed away. He will be missed. I don’t know if iMPACT matters, but there is no […]

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Will Be Missed. May 20, 2011.

In a tragic turn of events, Randy Poffo died as a result of what is reported as a heart attack while driving a car. The injuries sustained in a subsequent crash cost the former champion and beloved “Macho Man” Randy Savage his life. He was 58 years old. The following is both further information and […]

Two Man Reviews: Stampede Wrestling

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! Earlier this year over at Wonderpod-Online, Bruce McGee and PatMan created a new theme of podcast for our site. PatMan and I decided to continue the series with a conversation reminiscing about our experience growing up in Calgary, the “Hart”land of the Stampede Wrestling promotion. What a perfect way […]