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Through The Wurm Hole (part 5)

It all seemed so simple. Walk around close to the hunting lodge and find another rat. On top of a small hill I could see two rats a distance away and a wild boar closer to me. In retrospect that the boar ignored my presence should have been a clue. In my head I thought […]

Through The Wurm Hole (Part 4)

I would love to tell you the morning of my first hunt dawned bright and clear. That is how all supposed epic events started in books. Nothing could have been further from the truth in my case. I awoke to clouds and light rain as I made my way to Ephraim’s house on the far […]

Puppet Wrestling

Ah Tuesday morning dawns and all is quiet in this little town. Well except for the dog barking two houses over. That little rat bastard woke me up ten minutes before my alarm. Then came harpy like shrieking of his owner. The saddest part, the houses in this neighborhood are not that bloody close together. […]