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BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 80

Today on BWF Radio, Jorge returns!  Joe, G, and JT discuss the current state of “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” on their mobile devices, and try to come up with good ideas for the WWE2K14 cover art contest.  We mourn the passing of the late, great Matt Borne, a former BWF Radio guest in his own […]

BWF Radio 54

Even within the madness of the holidays, the BWF Radio crew returned on Sunday to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. The WWE offered up a sleigh-full of content including the stellar TLC PPV and a Tribute to the Troops within their regularly scheduled programming. We saw the returns of people like Ric […]

BWF Radio Episode 33BWF Radio Episode 33BWF Radio Episode 33

Joe and G return for another edition of BWF Radio!  RAW 1000, IMPACT, SmackDown, and all the wrestling news for the week are in this episode.   Where’s Austin?  Who didn’t get used on RAW 1000?  What did Chyna have to say about DX?  Who is Roddy Piper fuming mad at?  Will there be a […]

BWF Radio Episode 32BWF Radio Episode 32BWF Radio Episode 32

YES! YES! YES! ThinkSoJoE and G are back with yet another episode of BoredWrestlingFan Radio! The usual chat about the televised shows ensues, followed by this week in wrestling news. What can you expect this Monday on the 1000th episode of RAW? Who does CM Punk want calling his match tomorrow night? Will Kurt Angle […]

BWF Radio Episode 23BWF Radio Episode 23BWF Radio Episode 23

Terrible RAW, decent IMPACT and SmackDown, and an absolutely insane news week mark BWF Radio 23. ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT give their thoughts on RAW going to three hours, IMPACT going live, Gabe Sapolski bashing ROH’s iPPV stream, X-Pac’s thoughts on TNA, Chyna passing out three times this weekend, Rosa Mendez and Beulah McGillicutty both […]

BWF WrestleMania 28 Pregame Show PodcastBWF WrestleMania 28 Pregame Show PodcastBWF WrestleMania 28 Pregame Show Podcast

That’s right folks! We’re on the cusp of the culmination of the Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week here at Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod Online… and the Grand Daddy of them all, WrestleMania 28, is only a few hours away! Needless to say, we’re all excited and pumped to watch the PPV tonight. ThinkSoJoE, JT, […]

The End Of An Era

On Sunday April 1st the Undertaker and Triple HHH will face each other one more time at Wrestlemania 28. Seems fitting to me that it will be a hell in the cell match. Undertaker will be putting his mania streak on the line. In fact the WWE is calling it the the end of an […]

BWF Radio Episode 14BWF Radio Episode 14BWF Radio Episode 14

RAW, SmackDown, IMPACT, and the news, courtesy of ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT. Who pissed G off this week? Does JT care to discuss IMPACT? Is Joe rooting for The Rock or Cena at WrestleMania? Find out this week on BWF Radio! Right click and save as the link below to download and listen! BoredWrestlingFan Radio […]

Smackdown 03/02/12Smackdown 03/02/12Smackdown 03/02/12

Ahh… back to our normal time slot on Friday. And since it’s not live, that means the WWE can edit and do their Smackdown illusion much better… which also means we won’t get 50% video packages,… or will we? Only one way to find out! Let’s hop to it, shall we? Agreed?

BWF Radio Episode 13BWF Radio Episode 13BWF Radio Episode 13

Well, BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 13 is in the books! Technical issues plagued this show at times, starting before we even recorded it. JT, G, and ThinkSoJoE discuss the week in wrestling including Elimination Chamber, RAW, Super Smackdown, the Chris Brown/CM Punk situation, and even this week’s Impact Wrestling! Joe turns the volume down on G […]