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So I don’t know if you guys ever read any of the Harry Potter series, but for my generation it’s sort of a big deal.  I literally grew up with J.K. Rowling’s novels.  The first one came out when I was only 6, before I could even read well; so my mom would read a […]

YuYu Hakusho- A comic book fans musings

As the above title mentions I am a die hard comic book fan. I’ve delved into the recesses of the superhero, horror,thriller, etc genre’s and have been bettered for it. But one genre I seemed to never be able to wade through has been the Manga demographic. Why you may ask? Its because the look […]

DC reboots entire universe-Pintnoir rants

Being a lifer in the field of comics, is similar to any connoisseur of any particular hobby. Whether its video games or even Soap Operas when something familiar is changed it sets about moaning and complaining for all the fans involved. DC just announced (yesterday) that its rebooting its entire universe in September with Geoff […]

WrestleMania X-Seven

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! This weekend is very special for Professional Wrestling.  See, friends, we’re approaching a very special WrestleMania.  What makes this one so special, you ask?  Well, on its own merit, it’s a fantastically-booked card, one of the best WrestleManias, on paper, in YEARS.  A decade, in fact.  A decade since […]

Video Tuesday: Fishing?

I wrote a really long morning post as I usually do. Thing was it sucked. I am not talking the kind of bad were you post it anyway and be done with it either.  After reading through it twice I wanted to vomit.  So to save you I will post a funny video from one […]

Monday Richard

I am just far to stupid this morning to write anything. So I am going to let my buddy Richard take over for me this morning. If your not familiar with Richards work then you need to be reading Looking for Group. One of my favorite comics and Richard is a big reason why. I […]

Dragon Age Hippie Lights

Hump day has returned as it does every week. Be sure to go out and hump someone before the day is over. Makes sure it is consensual humping, I don’t need to get blamed for causing a bunch of rapes. I am sure Wednesday got it’s nick name for other reasons, but the idea of […]

I Don’t Like Spam!!!!

Hello and welcome to the opening paragraph. I have such a bloody hard time getting these things started. Hell how many times can you say happy Tuesday before it becomes boring. Either I need to make my coffee stronger in the morning or just live with standard boring openings. Right now I am wondering how […]

Video Games Are Good

Tuesday morning, almost the end of January. Where did the bloody month go already. I know where it went, work and video games. Speaking of video games, Both the Bullet Storm and Crysis 2 demos drop today. I will be playing both and might even give you an impressions post or something. On top of […]