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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Game Play)

We talked about this game a few times on the podcast. So when the trailer popped up on Destructoid I gave it a watch. There is nothing in this trailer that screams play our game. Then again, this is the first of many trailers I am sure. So I will withhold any concrete judgement until […]

Wonderpod Episode 72

Wonderpod has a new look for this week. Glasenator has decided to risk life and limb at Amusement parks across the country. So we talked the wonderful Jonkind into filling in this week. We still talk about video games, along with lack of pants and virtual porn. So just another week in the life of […]

Retropod – Episode 2

Hold onto your shit, it’s another episode of Retropod! …You didn’t hold on very hard, did you? Well that’s okay…I guess I’ll just hold my nose while I write the rest of this. Anyway! Click onward for awesome awesomeness!