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Awkward Dimensions Redux: Part 4

A day late, but never a dollar short. Continuing on with my adventure in dreamland. Couple more videos and will have this game wrapped up. Not my most popular serious for sure. Still had a tremendous time digging into the free game realm and will do so again in the future. Enjoy the video!

WWE RAW Reflections: 08/03/2011

-Jesus tapdancing CHRIST, how long has it been?  I honestly cannot remember the last time I did this.  5 Months?  Six?  Shit, I’m sorry, guys.  If you REALLY want an explanation, I’ll give it to you:  A few months ago, I started working Tuesdays.  And then, X-Mas hit, and my time to do ANYTHING creative […]

RPG of the Year – 1990

It occurred to me while writing my article regarding how I’ll remember Final Fantasy that it probably wasn’t fair to leave out so many great RPGs. Then I realized, if I did that, goddamn that would have been a ridiculously long article. Then again, it was already pretty long, so why not figure out which […]