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Time For Another Wonderpod Podcast Highlight Reel.

What is going on people? PatMan here with yet another Wonderpod video highlight reel from our recording past. Episode 15 to be exact. I know some of our latest friends are new to the website and also to our Wonderpod Facebook page, ┬áso why not take a look at a short highlight video reel from […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel !

Welcome ,once again, to another Wonderpod Video Highlight Reel. This time around I give you a short taste of episode 51, our most current episode. I was unable to attend this recording, but Bruce put together a great show. This one is a special episode because it serves as in introduction to our newest contributor, […]

Year Of The Donkey Punch

2011 is starting to look a lot like 2010. This would not be a good thing for me and in some ways is going to affect you. The hard working crew at Wonderpod got a podcast recorded. This is a vast improvement over last weeks disaster. The recording is suffering from some major issues and […]

G invades a podcast? What?

It’s a funny world. I found myself invited by a gentleman by the name of Dan from a place that no longer exists that podcasted with this here G about the “wrestlemans.” They are a noble crew indeed. So we decided to be smarks and whatnot and deliver something unique in the form of a… […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel- Episode 3

It is Thursday. That means that as you are reading this we here around Wonderpod-online are deep into a recording of our newest podcast, Wonderpod 50. Its going to be out on the Weekend for all to download and enjoy, but for now lets go back in the Wonderpod time machine, back to one of […]

Crysis Tough

Well the week is flying by and it’s closer to the recording of Wonderpod. For once I am happy about it as there are things a foot for this weekend. I am normally not a social guy, but a few times a year I do like to attend some events and catch up with people […]

One More For The G Man

Well good morning to you fine people of Wonderpod-Online. I am currently working on the podcast and writing this at the same time. Now that is what I call multitasking and it is all for you. The podcast recording went great last night. It seems whenever we record a good show that there is always […]