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Wonderpod Episode 123

This week on Wonderpod. One of the cast explodes live on air. That is possibly bullshit, but cut me some slack. It’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. In reality we ramble on about video games and video game related matters as we do every week.

Wonderpod Episode 118

Another week another Wonderpod. The usual suspects are back for episode 118. This weeks show is talk of video games, game consoles and a little vaudeville thrown in. Listening to this episode is an excellent way to end your week. Now if you’ll excuse the crew, the siren song of the Steam sale is calling.

Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

I had some time this morning to shoot a minecraft video. Yet I wasn’t quite ready to show you guys my all new tree house city. I had a pesky building that I didn’t want anymore. Naturally I went for the quickest, easiest way to remove it. This of course lead to going to far […]

Facebook Prank Shark

Oh man I am not very with it this morning. I was out very late last night and writing isn’t a top priority this morning. Yet here I sit tapping away on this bloody thing while chili peppers plays in the background. I started my morning watching some PATV. Which is a series I highly […]

Fan Rage RPG

The first day back on the job after an injury or an illness is always weird. You tend to think more about what your body is doing. I suppose it’s worse the longer it your recovery takes. I try very hard to put the fact I was really ill for 15 days out of my […]

Wonderpod Episode 61

Wonderpod is still alive and kicking. This week we see the triumphant return of PatMan. We even had a party for him before the show. We never let you guys listen to that part. Oops, I don’t think I was supposed to say that. Oh well, we got another great show for you this week. […]

FPS of the Year – 1994

This is a BIG year, but I think getting movies for all the games and briefly going over them, while it creates more work for me, is a better way of going about this. Sure, it means the article is HUGE, but unless I’m told it’s also BORING, I’m going to keep doing this so […]

Minecraft Baseball

I know you are all tired of hearing me talking about being sick. Good news on that front, I am pretty sure I died last night. I am now one of Audiomaster G’s favorite people. In other words a zombie, that is the only explanation I have for my continued animation. Even better news I […]

Portal’s Have No Gears

The illness will not leave, even using the power of chaotic evil lawyers. So I didn’t get much sleep last night. A by product of that was watching people go bat shit crazy over the unlocking of Portal 2 for PC. I totally understand that moment when you finally get a game you have been […]

HomeFront Ice Hockey.

How did it become Thursday already? I am starting to think alien gnomes are stealing days from me. If that is the case I hope they let me play video games while they make off with my Monday’s and Tuesdays. Speaking of video games, it has been old school week at the McGee complex.