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Wonderpod Episode 286

Time for a new Wonderpod. In this spot words go describing this episode. After 285 of these there isn’t much left to say. So fuck trying to be clever this week. Just listen to the damn show it’s great. Have a good weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 260

This week on Wonderpod. Back to the mighty trio. We go all over the rails, but never quite off it this week. If there was a template for the current era of Wonderpod this might be it. Enjoy the show folks!

Wonderpod Episode 197

Wonderpod is all new this week. I have no clue how to condense this episode into a short introduction. Things started off wrong and just went wild from there. There is a chunk of this show that is going into a top-secret storage bunker. Stored between the arc of the covenant and Half-life 3. We […]

Xbox Live Price Increase (a year or so later)

I wonder if anyone even remembers that the price of Xbox live went up in late 2010. In this instant Internet age it’s easy to forget. I am sure the critics and people looking to fling poo haven’t forgotten. Zeus help Microsoft for doing anything to interrupt the status quo. Granted a lot of the […]

The Interwebs Are Down, Please Don’t Call 911.

Wow, I can’t believe surfing the internet allowed me to discover something that answered that big question that has plagued mankind… caused wars, created religions, made humans reconsider every action they take on this celestial sphere…

Smurfs Episode 4

The last episode of the original smurf comics. I have one or two more one off’s laying around that may get posted. I am still unsure I can do more of these at this point. I am not really sure anyone wants me to either. Screw it, they make me laugh even today the rest […]