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MPX Retribution 9-10-11

Well, MPX’s most recent show is in the books. First of all, this had to have been their top-drawing card. I’m not exactly sure what brought the people out tonight: Mike Foxx, Athena, a casket match, the buzz over MPX in general. This is filling up a void in the DFW area for the good, […]

Regrub’s Match from 8/13/11 – MPX “To Be Kings 2011” Wrestling Event!

Out in the Heartlands, there is a different kind of Wrestling going on. It isn’t the fancy, staged kind of wrestling you see on National Television. It is the “Old School” kind of Wrestling! It is Wrestling FROM THE HEART. Heartland Wrestlers fight like they have No Tomorrow! Remember “Andre the Great” and “The Sheik” […]