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Wonderpod Episode 296

Get ready for a new Wonderpod. This week we talk a lot about FPS gaming. Kind of digging these episodes. Where one topic branches in to multiple discussions. we did delve into a few other things I suppose. Still all revolving around the FPS genre. It will make more sense when you listen. Give me […]

Wonderpod Episode 183

It is time for another two man Wonderpod. One of the crew couldn’t make it last night so we went with the two man format. Lots of video game talk this week. That said I have it on good authority we will be discussing super heroes next week. You won’t want to miss that.

Wonderpod Episode 161

This week on Wonderpod. It is the week before E3. So we scrapped together some topics concerning the big event. It’s kind of a preview podcast, but not exactly. There is a lot of joking around and not many bold predictions or analysis. We do manage to give our thoughts on what we want to […]

Wonderpod Episode 149

This weeks Wonderpod looked like a mess on paper. The good news is the crew is amazing and we pulled together a stellar show for you. Some weeks just running one hundred miles and hour and recording it all works the best of all. Enjoy the show and have a good weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 145

Wonderpod this week may seem a little glazed and confused. That wasn’t misspelled, just ganking crap I read on social media. We were joined by one of the original three and things pretty much spiraled out of control from there. Just wait until we actually talk about Ouya.

Wonderpod Episode 110

We got a brand new Wonderpod for you fine folks. We tackled some tougher subjects this week. I am aware not everyone loves it when we do that. Still I think we did a good job taking serious topics and making them into a fun debate. You’ll have to let us know how well we […]

Wonderpod Episode 92

Wonderpod is alive and well. We all enjoyed our brief hiatus and it shows. The main point of this episode was to make predictions for the coming year. While we accomplished the goal you will notice a theme through out the show. Feel free to look at the hilarious results of said theme at the […]

Slapping EA Around One More Time

This morning while trawling the internet for podcast resources. I came upon the sales numbers for the first week of Battlefield 3. The game has sold five million copies and shipped 10 million total. That is a pretty damn good amount for any video game in any time period. The problem is, it won’t matter […]