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Smackdown 01/31/14

Who quits the WWE forever… tonight!?!?!?!??

BWF Radio Episode 20BWF Radio Episode 20BWF Radio Episode 20

Wow, what a crazy week in pro wrestling! ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT run down RAW, IMPACT, and SmackDown for the week and predict Extreme Rules. Justin Ruff’s controversial interview with Texas women’s wrestler Ruthless Lala (which will be available tomorrow afternoon) is previewed. Then the crew discuss the insane week of news in this wacky […]

WrestleMania 21: WrestleMania Goes Hollywood!WrestleMania 21: WrestleMania Goes Hollywood!WrestleMania 21: WrestleMania Goes Hollywood!

The following appears courtesy of ThinkSoJoE. WrestleMania week is in full swing here at, and this is part two of an eight part series. Throughout this week I will relive the past 8 WrestleMania events, starting with WrestleMania XX (which was posted yesterday) and continuing through WrestleMania XXVII (which will be posted on Sunday). […]

BWF Radio 15BWF Radio 15BWF Radio 15

We’re back!  And hopefully I won’t mistype the link to the actual podcast this week.  Check out the new format of BWF Radio!  We recap the shows, and then we talk about the news around the wrestling world this week.   A discussion on Hulk Hogan’s sex tape sets the tone as we talk about […]

Power Poll 6/5/11… or so.

The title will be the only sarcastic line. I’ll keep voting, and look at this is a relative position for a while. And that might be for the best as I roll through the most demanding time of the year for my work. So let’s get positive, and check out the results!

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 2/23/11. Flying Solo

What’s up folks? I guess this will be a little different than your normal Power Poll installment. Yes, there will be animated gifs (I made three of them just for you)! But, I did not receive any results from our ringmaster. So… these are only my own rankings, as biased as ever!