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Minecraft Tour Episode 2

Hey there friends and neighbors, it is time for minecraft videos.  I called this mine craft cribs in the first episode and that was really dumb. There are about 4 trillion videos using the word cribs and that is just for minecraft. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to this episode. […]

Wonderpod Episode 96

We made it through a show without gunfire. You heard me right, a new episode of Wonderpod and no bullets flying. There was also no explanation for the loud bangs from last weeks show. Must have been aliens or black helicopters. The show is still awesome minus all that and it is ready to go. […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending 03/16/11

When you’re on the road to WrestleMania, things are going to get shaken up on a weekly basis. And it should come as no surprise that this is what indeed happened this week.

Pissed Off Spiders

Hello there, I am Larry Lumberjackin, here to tell you about forest be gone! Got a nasty spider problem? Creepers stuck up your tail pipe? Then you need to use forest be gone! This amazing product gets rid of anything standing in your way. It quickly removes trees, creepers, spiders, cows, pigs, chickens, grass and […]

Minecraft Road Trip Episode 1

Hello there fine people of Wonderpod-Online.  I have undertaken a little journey with one of my minecraft worlds. I was first going to do this as a screen shot post.  After watching Glasenator’s video yesterday I got inspired and scrapped that post in favor of a video. This video is not as good as in […]

Saturday (re)post

Once again it is Saturday and that means digging out a post from my archives. Last week I started you off with the first Episode of Mister Sandy Toaster Pant’s and his adventures. This week we will move on to episode two in that fine series. If you happen to miss the first episode it […]

Saturday (re)post

As I stated yesterday in my morning ramble post, today and tomorrow will be re-post day’s. I was going to start with a story series I wrote for the Morphine Nation, until another of my favorites came up in an Xbox Live chat last night. This little tale, started as a parody of another post […]