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Steamed! – Recettear

Recettear Current selling price: $19.99 By the point, I’m not sure there’s anyone that exists that DOESN’T have this game, but here goes. Recettear is, at its core, a trading game. It’s also a fun and funny JRPG that has a lot of elements to it such as day planning, dungeon crawling, store management, and […]

RPG of the Year – 2011

I was hoping this year would be a little more eventful and tough to pick a top 5, but it really isn’t. Sure, the top 5 are EXCELLENT and there are a few good runner ups, but there are also a lot of terrible MMOs and poorly thought out mobile games. There are 81 games […]

Sequels I Would Love To See

Sometimes you play the fuck the out of a game to the point that there’s literally nothing else, you’re left still wanting more. Sadly, if there was more, it probably wouldn’t be as good, maybe some tacked on at the last minute DLC or whatever, but what about a sequel? Ahhh, but only if it […]

RPG of the Year – 2010

Same rules apply. I’ve cross referenced and double checked all the games on this list to confirm where and when they came out. North American release dates only and if I was unable to play the game, then I can’t count it. Again, I apologize if your favorite game didn’t make the top 5 and […]

Final Fantasy 13 SUCKS…Also, I’m Back!

Are you familiar with the Final Fantasy series? Are you? The original Final Fantasy was the first RPG I ever played and I’ve played every single little bit of them since, whether they’re part of the main series or not. Now then, which one was your absolute worst? If you didn’t answer Final Fantasy 13, […]

Steamed! – Gothic Universe Edition

Gothic Universe Edition Current selling price: $9.99 Same thing applies here…I just wanted to talk about the original Gothic. Gothic is…a very mixed bag. Made from the creators of more recent titles such as Arcania and the Risen series, Gothic is a tale about a prisoner thrown into a magical barrier prison on a mission […]

Steamed! – Dungeon Siege Complete

Dungeon Siege Complete Current selling price: $17.99 Really I just wanted to highlight the original Dungeon Siege, but hey, the others are cool too. I initially got into DS because of DS2, but I still think the original is my favorite. Why? Because it has a remarkably simple concept that it continuously builds on in […]

Steamed! – ClaDun X2

ClaDun X2 Current selling price: $11.99 Honestly, this is the only one I feel is overpriced and I’ll explain why right off the bat. Yes, it is Nippon Ichi, but it is very, VERY basic. Maybe that’s a good selling point for some people, but I feel it’s still overpriced all the same. ClaDun X2 […]

Steamed! – Depths of Peril

Depths of Peril Current selling price: $14.99 So imagine if the original Diablo was both competitive and timed. That’s Depths of Peril. Granted, saying that alone doesn’t do it justice, but that’s what it is per face value. You represent a leader of a barbarian clan and, throughout the course of a single game, will […]

My Thoughts On Earthbound

Earthbound. A game that for many is a fond, but distant memory. A game that did so much and (used to) receive so little recognition. A game that upon a distant glance doesn’t look like its anything special, but provides a fun, deep, and rewarding experience. Earthbound is one of the best SNES RPGs in […]