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Smackdown 01/24/14: I think they seriously want to lose last minute PPV buys…


Smackdown 02/01/13: For the IWC That Didn’t Commit Suicide On Sunday

OH NO! THE ROYAL RUMBLE WAS PREDICTABLE!!?!? THE FUCK?!?!? IT’S ALMOST AS IF THE WWE HAS BEEN BUILDING UP STORIES FOR OVER A YEAR?!?!?!? Seriously, if you can’t accept the outcome, I have to call you out as not having watched wrestling during the Hogan/Macho Man Rock and Roll Wrestling era of the WWF. Just […]

Smackdown 01/25/13: Dat Rumble Go Away Show

No need for some long drawn out intro to this review. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble, and everything of significance is well established. This episode should serve to do little else to maintain a holding pattern and replay all the build from previous episodes of RAW. But, hey, you never know. I might be […]

BWF Radio 10: Pintnoir and G form the Wolfpack

It’s Sunday, and you know that means it’s time for another installment of Bored Wrestling Fan Radio. This week was a little different than our regular format. ThinkSoJoE was kidnapped, and duct-taped to a chair by Stone Cold Steve Austin, J.T. tore his quad walking across the ring, and DrowGoddess turned face in Toronto facing […]

Smackdown: 02/03/12. Yes, Natalya Has a Farting Gimmick Now…

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity for this G guy. With the Royal Rumble being the highlight, or so I thought, to cap off a content filled Saturday and Sunday, expectations were high. Did the Rumble deliver? Hrmmm… not so much, but I’ll get to that this week with the BWF Radio Crew on […]

BWF Radio 9: Royal Rumble 2012

Another podcast in the books, and aside from Drow’s mic sounding like it was used on a Marilyn Manson album, it went smoothly as Joe, G, JT, Drow, and WonderPod Online’s JonKind discuss the 2012 Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Right click the link below and save to listen! BWF Radio Episode 9: Royal Rumble […]

BWF Radio 5: BWF Awards 2011

This week on BWF Radio, the crew discuss, as best they can through minor technical issues, the best of 2011, with some surprising results. Pintnoir’s kids take over the tail end of the podcast, unintentionally, to the point where they had to be edited out. We predict tonight’s TLC Pay Per View and what we […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 2/2/11

In the week following the Royal Rumble, all eyes in wrestling certainly would be on the winner of that said event. While amongst the dirt sheets, there is much argument about the value of a Rumble win in lieu of the Elimination Chamber PPV hurting it’s credibility. But that, is an argument for another day. […]

G invades a podcast? What?

It’s a funny world. I found myself invited by a gentleman by the name of Dan from a place that no longer exists that podcasted with this here G about the “wrestlemans.” They are a noble crew indeed. So we decided to be smarks and whatnot and deliver something unique in the form of a… […]

Power Poll January 29, 2011… animated once again.

What’s up professional wrestling fans? Here is another installment of the goodness that is the Power Poll! We had some interesting movement this week, and as we kick off the Royal Rumble weekend… well much of it makes total sense. As per usual, I will chime in on each competitor briefly. Also included in this […]