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Wonderpod Episode 144

This weeks Wonderpod goes from three guys to two. One of the crew had to pull a David Copperfield mid way through the episode. Before that we do what we do best. Muddle through, forward and possibly over a number of topics. Never know what we might get up to, better listen and find out

Wonderpod Episode 89

It is that time of the year. It is gameageddon. We barely survived the avalanche of new releases this week. So you can expect lots of talk about dragons, saints, master chief, and Mario in his fur suit. We of course found other topics to talk about as well. So sit back and relax because […]

Saints Row: The Third Video

I am really looking forward to the new Saints Row. Which may comes as some surprise when you consider I never played the first two. ¬†After reading an article on it in Game informer, it got my interest and videos like this only make me more excited. Yes it will probably be missing the fart […]