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All Hail Scruffy!

Wonderpod Episode 60

Wonderpod 60 is here and just as wild as ever. Nothing could stop this show from happening. There was a virus, a giant can of red paint and poor PatMan was last seen on a milk carton. None of that slowed us down, although it may have had its influence on some things. We got […]

Scruffy in “F is for Filler”

Wonderpod Episode 52

Two weeks of good recordings in a row. That must mean it is time for Wonderpod. We got another brand spanking new episode for you. The original line up is back together this week. It’s almost like a Beatles reunion. Only this actually happened and we didn’t sing. We did, talk about games and make animals noises

Scruffy’s Hot New Bod

This and That

Ah Thursday, the day before the day we all care about. Wonderpod record’s tonight and if you have any questions for the crew, feel free to ask in comments. We like to hear from the audience, it makes us feel special. Although we missed a question  a week or so back from a facebook user. […]

Scruffy: An Introduction

Hey jerks! It’s me, SRD. That means Sugar Ray Dodge. My name comes from a creation in WWF No Mercy’s CAW mode. Great story, huh? I thought so. Anyway, I wanted to remind everybody of my puppet child Scruffy and his kickass YouTube show that was once the greatest feature ever on the Morphine Nation.  […]