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Nights Into Dreams

I happen to see this link being thrown around on twitter. For all you Sega fans this should get your interest. As many of you know I did not grow up on a console. So this game has no nostalgic pull for me. I am aware of the Nights character from playing Sonic All Star Racing, but […]

Wonderpod Episode 99

We have made it to episode 99. The last of the double digit episodes. Normally I am not the kind to get super nostalgic about milestones. Still there is sense of accomplishment with 99 down and soon to hit the century mark. Better not get to far ahead of myself. We still have this episode […]

FPS of the Year 2001

I’m on a roll! Time to head right into 2001. Just like last time, if you click on the pics, it will bring up a youtube movie of the game, so as to save loading time for the page. There are 23 games this year, so let’s go!

FPS of the Year – 2000

It’s good to be back! Where have I gone? Well, ah, nowhere, BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT! It’s time for another GoTY and we’re going to kick it back off with FPS of the Year 21st century! Now this time there won’t be movies this time unless you click on the pictures (where I can find […]

Wonderpod Episode 87

The crew has survived Halloween. The various hexes, curses and death threats did not stop us. To show there are no hard feelings  we put together a new episode of Wonderpod for you. For those of you that attempted to harm us, all I can say is better luck next year.

My Totally Serious E3 Predictions

So The first E3 press conference starts in about two hours. That gives me time to make some bold and shocking predictions. Which will tie in nicely to the smart ass nonsense I was spewing on last weeks podcast. In case your a little thick all of these predictions will be humorously based on sheer […]

Brawler of the Year – 1999

This is actually a surprisingly good year and what a year to end on. No, there weren’t that many titles, but what was released was pretty damn good. This was not an easy year to pick a #1 as a result.

Brawler of the Year – 1998

This was an incredibly slow year for brawlers. Unless my info’s wrong (and you can blame Wiki for that if it is), there were literally only 3 brawlers this year. Worse still, I had no prior knowledge of these titles going into this and, well…they’re not that great.

Renegade Ops

Looks like the folks at Sega have a new game coming to the XBLA, PSN. I am digging this little game already for one reason. I get a real Spy Hunter vibe off the trailer. Does that mean the game is going to be great? Who knows for sure, but it is one worth keeping […]

Brawler of the Year – 1996

There weren’t that many brawlers this year, but trust me…if you recognize at least half the games in the runner ups list, you’ll know immediately this was a hard year to call a #1.