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Smackdown 06/07/13: BWF Anniversary Edition

I wonder why I started my review off with this particular animated gif? Perhaps the answer will be on BWF Radio this Sunday. It’s the fifth anniversary of the website. What will happen tonight on Smackdown? Who will die? Who will live? What mysteries will be solved? The answer to all questions is “plums.” And […]

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 66

In what they’re calling the “Super Mario” edition of the show, Joe, JT, Jorge, and G discuss the week in pro wrestling.  We talk wrestling television of course, celebrate Bully Ray’s title victory at LockDown, appreciate Punk’s heeldom, and debate on whether the Highlight Reel was the worst segment in WWE history or not.  We […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC games. Raptor Call Of The Shadows

Welcome to another episode of the semi popular segment, PatMan Picks classic PC games. My pick for this week is a title that I actually didn’t play until a good few years after it was released in stores. I remember finding the demo for Raptor Call Of The Shadows on a PC magazine CD. It […]

RAW: 05/30/11. Little Jimmy’s Dad Should Not Eat Milk Duds.

Hey hey! Turns out Alykat couldn’t make it tonight, and ThinkSoJoE has had a fun, but long week getting married and whatnot. And it turns out that I was at the right place at the right time to put up a RAW review for you fine people. I have to note in advance, I wasn’t […]

MPX One-Year Anniversary Show 4-23-11

Tonight was a solid show. Everything worked well and gelled together. Quick warning: I’m not going to talk about my segment. I really shouldn’t be the one to critique myself. It seemed there were a lot of people there. More and more people are beginning to show up. I’m seeing MPX get more buzz. There […]

RAW Reflections: 11/04/11 – Thank You, Edge.

This is a special edition of the RAW Reflections.  This week, I will not be giving you segment-by-segment commentary on last night’s show.  No, not because it was bad or anything.  It’s just that, there was one thing about last night’s show that overshadows everything else.  In case you hadn’t heard, Edge retired last night.

Gamer Dick Returns.

One of our more popular parts of our video game podcast Wonderpod, with out a doubt, is our gamer dick segment. This is where we showcase all the dick-heads that we play with online in games such as COD, L4D, and of course , Halo. While very entertaining for our listeners, it became a little […]

Wonderpod Episode 54

We got a brand spanking new Wonderpod. It is hot and possibly toxic. There is something for everyone in this show. We might have even tried something new. The only way you find out is to listen or read the list of notes I have for you. All for you dear audience, all for you

RAW 02/07/11: Line of the Night

Howdy y’all! This is not a recap nor a review of the entire episode of RAW. I’ll let someone else do that. Rather, it’s an observance of a very subtle reference in the episode by CM Punk in the opening segment that was so excellent, I felt the need to make a note of it.

Late=No Image

Hump day is upon us and with it the tell tale sign of zombie ferrets. They will creep out of your pants and in to the night hunting for vegemite. They are similar to tweak’s under pants Gnomes, only far more lethal. I am pretty sure that is why they call it hump day. The […]