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Dork McGee in DayZ

After posting the upside down plane video, I decided to do a more full DayZ video. I try to give you some idea of whats on the UI. As the title indicates my Dork tendencies got me into trouble again. This might become a regular thing. Then again I am lazy. *note* It appears I […]

Through The Wurm Hole (Part 8)

I feel uneasy as I walk to Maria’s home. I am not sure what is causing the sensation. While Maria is stern, she is never cruel or unjust. In fact on most days she has displayed a marvelous gift for humor and warmth. My thoughts turn to what she could want to talk to me […]

Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA has been an interesting series that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for many years. For many, when they say GTA, they’re referring to GTA3, 4, or possibly something along the line of San Andreas or Vice City. To avoid any confusion, I’m looking at the series as a whole and dishing out what […]

This Week on Wonderpod 127: It All Begins Again…

Starting this Friday, and returning to Wonderpod, episode 127… he’s coming… and this time he’s brought some friends (and enemies) with him! Tune in and enjoy. Special thanks to Al Creed for this banner image! You can check out more of his work here.

Saints Row Series

I’ve often regarded the Saints Row series as San Andreas on crack. Really, I’m not wrong in this, but it’s how THQ and Volition go about their gangsta bromance trilogy that’s really important. All 3 Saints Row games have provided an incredibly fun, over the top experience with each one pushing the boundaries that much […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Little Britain Season 1 (DVD)

A few weeks ago, the wife I had a hankering for some Kids in The Hall episodes but couldn’t find any of the DVD sets to buy. What we did find was a very acceptable substitute in Little Britain – also a half-hour sketch comedy show and though it comments more on British culture it […]

“Halofest” trailer explains what to expect at PAX.

In honor of Halos 10th anniversary, the “changing of the guards” for the series development and well, fan demand for such an event, Halofest will be occurring soon at PAX. I wont be attending PAX , but for those of you that are making it there, I guess Halofest might be something to put on […]

Halo CE Anniversary Multiplayer Maps. What’s Old Is Now Shinny & New.

Here are a couple videos featuring classic Halo CE maps, looking all shinny and new using the Halo Reach engine for the upcoming anniversary of the legendary series. To make things a bit more clear, Halo CE Anniversary will be using the Halo Reach Engine only for the multiplayer mode of the game. The engine […]

Gun Sage’s Update About Stuff And Also Things That Nobody Probably Gives Two Shits About But Hey Whatever

I have all kinds of news. Exciting news, bad news, good news, shitty news…all kinds of flavors! Man, where do I even start…well, how about with…

A Visual Interpretation of E3 – Microsoft

The crazy week that was E3 is finally over.  If you listened to the podcast there was tons of news to cover.  So I thought it would be nice to look back on the week, but with pictures of course!  I’m starting this little mini series where I’ll draw pictures of how I thought each […]