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Biff Zongo: Spank the Monkey

Fredrik: Being a father has given me a whole new appreciation for animals. I point at them in books and go “The lion says ROOAAR!! And the cat says mjau-mjau!”. When I see a dog on the street I actually have a hard time not pointing and going “The dog says RUFF-RUFF!!” whether my son […]

Biff Zongo: Boy Scouts in Bondage

Fredrik: This is based on real books, but I changed scouts to boy scouts. Sounded better that way. And the last title is made up. I have been interested in weird books for a long time. Listen to the description of the book Cockeye Kerrigan “Hard-knuckled pages blazing with biff and stingo. . .” When […]

Biff Zongo: Erotica By Stingo

Biff Zongo: Rape Alley

Fredrik: This is not based on my real life. But a lot of people used to get beat up and robbed in my old hood just outside my window. It was noisy!

Biff Zongo: No Stranger to Asian Culture

Fredrik: I think it’s important to learn more about other cultures.

Biff Zongo: Three Really BAD Ideas

  Fredrik: Do not try any of this stuff in your real life. You have been warned. I’m serious. You have to be an alien psychopath to get away with this kind of stuff.

Biff Zongo: Conference Against Domestic Violence

Fredrik: Now before you accuse me for making fun of domestic violence, think of this. Maybe this nazi guy isn’t beating his white trash wife or children… He could be gay! And if he’s gay he is beating the living shit out of another guy, which of course is totally acceptable behaviour.

Biff Zongo: Spice Up Your Sex Life

Fredrik: I have never done any of this stuff. But I hope this script has given you some new ideas. Please let me know.

Wonderpod Episode 80

The latest and greatest episode of Wonderpod is done. Hopefully your not tuning in for any news out of TGS. Because we didn’t cover any of it. Basically we got through three topics and everybody fell a sleep after that. I got an hour or so of snoring caught on tape. Riveting stuff, which luckily […]

Biff Zongo – The Gentle Art of Poking a Dead Hooker

Fredrik: This was the first Biff Zongo-story ever and it was originally posted as a guest comic on Rene Engstrom’s popular “Anders Loves Maria”. That was before Jan started to draw Biff so this newer version looks way better. I woke up in the middle of the night and just had this story in my […]