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Wonderpod Episode 220

This week Wonderpod goes on a trip. A trip to minecraft town. What the hell does that mean exactly? The three of us play minecraft, while talking nerd news and such. We are hoping the video will be posted on Monday. Let us know what you think of the podcast recorded this way.

Achieving is better when you’re not doing it in school.

This year I have been focussing on my pile of shame. Games that have built up over the years which i’ve bought and just haven’t gotten around to playing through. These past few months alone i’ve gone through all the Gears Of Wars, Killzones, Uncharted, etc. I am getting there! Not ever being one to […]

Welcome To Fannish!

May I introduce you to Wonderpod Online’s new video show – ‘Fannish’. A series where I delve into games, movies, events, and anything related to the sub culture of awesomeness. In the first episode I look at the PS One classics that have just hit the PS Store for the PS Vita (below). If you […]