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PatMan Plays Destiny. Even More Fun With A Friend.

What is going on people? My 16 day stretch away from work is almost at an end. In between my travels I did find a bit of time for Destiny. I even had the pleasure of teaming up with a friend to take on the darkness! I’m early in but enjoying it. It’s a cross […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Motorblast

  The time has come for another free iOS game for your weekend enjoyment. This time it is a fun racing/action game by the name of Motorblast.  This game usually goes for $2.99 but it is free for the downloading, at least for a limited time. Motorblast  has impressed me with its variety of levels […]

Smackdown 09/07/12

We briefly see ADR and David Otunga (AAL) helping a neck-brace wearing Ricardo out of GM Booker T’s office. That’s right folks another law suit angle in professional Matlock… err…. L.A. Law… no that’s not it…. hmm…. Law and Order? Nah…. how about Kojak? Yeah, that’s the one. Savalas and shit. What’s up mother fucker? […]

Smackdown 08/31/12

Friday Night Smackdown hopping time! Shall we?

Smackdown 08/24/12

So, apparently I’m supposed to write some kind of intro paragraph for these things. A paragraph usually is constituted with a few sentences that correlate to an idea and supports the content within. Furthermore, including this sentence, I count three strings of words. Done. Let’s hop to it, shall we?

Smackdown 08/17/12: A Better Go Home Show Than RAW

It’s Summerslam weekend (well, close enough). We’ll be running down the Summerslam card on BWF Radio this Sunday with some special guests. I’m announcing no one yet, because it’s going to be huge… and awesome. Tune in to or on Sunday to check it out with plenty of time before the PPV. Pretty […]

Smackdown 08/10/12Smackdown 08/10/12Smackdown 08/10/12

Oh, the hell with it. Joe better be careful on BWF Radio reading what I write tonight. Let’s see how many of these I give this week: Just hit the damn jump, Boba Haters.

Smackdown 07/27/12Smackdown 07/27/12Smackdown 07/27/12

Well, here we are… hot off the heels of the 1000th episode of RAW. How am I supposed to be excited for Smackdown? The reality is that I can’t get excited. I mean consider all the awesomeness we saw! Just one of many things you and I forgot happened on the 1000th episode of RAW. […]

PatMan Plays: Wrestling Revolution (iOS)

Imagine playing a new wrestling video game in which you can play as many of your favorite stars, both past and present, from multiple wrestling companies at the same time. Superstars such as  Hulk Hogan, Big Papa Pump, & Kurt Angle from TNA while also playing as Daniel Bryan ,Sheamus & CM Punk from the WWE. Now, imagine paying less than a […]

Smackdown 07/20/12Smackdown 07/20/12Smackdown 07/20/12

It seems the last couple of months have been building up to this Monday. Meanwhile back in Smackdown Land, I’m sure most viewers are going into this just waiting for RAW. It’s kind of a bit of a joke though, because after next week’s Monday does the three hour tour… they are going to be […]