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Get Off My Lawn: (CS:GO)

Hey let me post something that isn’t the podcast. I have a hard time not writing these intros without critiquing my crap videos. I still have way to much to learn to get to the cool kid 1080p60 that means your YouTube elite. Might want to learn actually be good at games as well. Enjoy […]

Wonderplays: L4D2

Welcome to a new feature we are starting here at the site. Wonderplays is the crew from Wonderpod sitting down to play games for fun. Because playing games and having fun is why we play games in the first place. We did not care about the outcome or length of the video. Hopefully you enjoy […]

Shooting The Messenger

The time has come for yours truly to branch out a little. Wonderpod-Online was always intended to be a catch all site, on top of home to the podcast. Each member of our staff knows they are welcome to write about whatever makes them happy. I never take advantage of this fact and it annoys […]