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MMO Weekend Madness

Most people spend Easter with family, friends and food. It’s a nice tradition and one I see no issue with. Being me, I spent the entire weekend searching for a new MMORPG to kill time with. It was an interesting search and I was finally successful after several false starts. Mind you the false starts […]

Pintnoir’s Free Comic Day Experience

Comics. For some of us it was our first reading experience, laying on the bed and cracking open the newest adventure of Spider-man, Batman or Spawn. I was one of those kids, I normally contribute writings to movie/television reviews and being apart of the dreaded Internet Wrestling Community, but my one true love is comics. […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Jennifer’s Body (DVD)

As it turns out with a great number of my reviews, I end up reviewing movies, games, etc that I have personally picked out, purchased or rented. And as a habit I usually choose to spend my money on things I’m fairly certain I will like. Sort of like when I choose food from a […]