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Wonderpod Episode 291

Wonderpod is back and there is no fucking VR. It may be the future, but god damn does it get old talking about it. We did do one rerun topic. It is a way back topic and one we hope you will enjoy. To give you a small hint think rock star goof. Enjoy the […]

Smurfs Episode 3

Always invest in a back up or second hard drive people. If I had not done that, there would be no more smurfs for you. Well no more of the old ones that I created prior to the birth of this site. ┬áSpeaking of that, I wonder how many of you will get what I […]

Smurfs Episode Two

I woke up this morning in a goofy and outrageous mood. That meant I had to immediately put underwear on my head and rock out to DEVO for a while. Instead of giving you my normal morning shtick, how about you guys enjoy a smurf episode instead. While you do that I will try and […]