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New Game From The Creator Of Dead Rising

I read this article while trawling for podcast news. My first thought was oh great another zombie game. We don’t have enough of those running around. Then I saw this sentence and it stopped me. “Famitsu claims the game will be “novel”, “nostalgic” and feature “things never seen in a zombie game.” Oh really? A […]

Smurfs Episode 4

The last episode of the original smurf comics. I have one or two more one off’s laying around that may get posted. I am still unsure I can do more of these at this point. I am not really sure anyone wants me to either. Screw it, they make me laugh even today the rest […]

Smurfs Episode Two

I woke up this morning in a goofy and outrageous mood. That meant I had to immediately put underwear on my head and rock out to DEVO for a while. Instead of giving you my normal morning shtick, how about you guys enjoy a smurf episode instead. While you do that I will try and […]

Smurfs Episode One (repost)

I figured the best way to end a Monday was to assault you all with more Smurfs. We have plenty of gaming news which is always good. Now it is time for my twisted little mind to ruin things. I originally posted this back in 2007 or 2008 at the old Morphine Nation. It started […]

Smurfs (re-runs)

So back on the old Morphine Nation forums, I did what I thought would be a one off take on “new” episodes of the Smurfs.  I used crappy screen shots of the Smurf’s animated show and then added my own warped text. The original two made  Jim laugh which has always been a proud moment […]