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Wonderpod Episode 288

Here we go again. Another episode of Wonderpod is out in the wild. As always we yammer at each other about topics. Some of them are even timely. Thrown in a dash of speculation and lots of terrible jokes. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Smackdown: 11/25/11… New Champion?

And here we are… the fallout from the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday… yeah. A new Heavyweight Champion is crowned tonight? Really? Let’s hop to it, shall we? Big props to Al Creed for sending this one my way, and what a better sentiment to represent the WWE’s current fetish?

TCR Comix: Google Plus

Lately, the Internet is all abuzz over the newest “Big Thing,” Google Plus. For the uninitiated, Google Plus is Google’s Pepsi to Facebook’s Coke.  The catch is, right now anyway, it’s pretty exclusive; you need to be invited in order to use it.  On top of all of this, for a little while, Google had […]