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Rayman Origins Trailer Looking Good At E3

This year at E3,there are a lot of heavy hitters . Which means this holiday will be filled with games that I will be counting down the days till release.  I will be fighting it out both online and offline in games like Battlefield 3, Halo Anniversary, Gears Of War 3 and others. And while […]

DC reboots entire universe-Pintnoir rants

Being a lifer in the field of comics, is similar to any connoisseur of any particular hobby. Whether its video games or even Soap Operas when something familiar is changed it sets about moaning and complaining for all the fans involved. DC just announced (yesterday) that its rebooting its entire universe in September with Geoff […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Jennifer’s Body (DVD)

As it turns out with a great number of my reviews, I end up reviewing movies, games, etc that I have personally picked out, purchased or rented. And as a habit I usually choose to spend my money on things I’m fairly certain I will like. Sort of like when I choose food from a […]

Ritalin Comics: That Movie – Part Five (Conclusion)

The Mystery is solved!  … Or, Is It?

WWE RAW Reflections – 28/03/2011

-Can you smell it in the air?  It’s getting closer and closer.  WRUSSELMUNYA!  It’s the Go-Home RAW, and basically, the Go-Home show for what looks to be the BEST WrestleMania card, top to bottom, in a decade.  And tonight, we get THE Confrontation between The Rock, John Cena AND The Miz.  Does WWE knock this […]

Dragon Age Hippie Lights

Hump day has returned as it does every week. Be sure to go out and hump someone before the day is over. Makes sure it is consensual humping, I don’t need to get blamed for causing a bunch of rapes. I am sure Wednesday got it’s nick name for other reasons, but the idea of […]

“All I want is Recon Armor”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the kid here.  Just watch the video and feel my wrath after the jump.

Epic Fail

Normally I write this aware winning post in the morning. I suck down a cup of black as night coffee and write. I have been assured that this post is read by millions. Today’s post is going to be a departure from that format. I am writing this after a very bad day, the only […]

iMPACT: 01/27/11. Murphy is “his pal”

Another Thursday, and a whole lot more suffering for the G. See last week Kurt Angle trespassed a whole bunch, which was a wee bit of an overkill… expect more Karen Angle-Jarrett tonight! Also, Abyss was MURDERED literally by Crimson (the Amazing Red’s little brother) via “Janice” (Abyss’ nail-laced two by four). Crimson promised “They” […]