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Cannibal Camping 4 (The Forest)

The final video in our forest adventures. We head deep underground after hearing a rumor about a Roman style orgy. What did we find? On a side note. I finally stopped setting myself on fire. Only took 4 videos. My parents are so proud. Enjoy the video folks!

Cannibal Camping 3 (The Forest)

The camping trip continues. We have created more bad puns and a gourmet. Hey eating people doesn’t have to be bland. I feel I should give you the gore and bad jokes warning as with the previous two. I might of even learned how not to set myself on fire this time. Have to watch […]

What I Think Happened To Britney Spears, Actually

Recently I saw a trailer for Wreck-It Ralph and it got me thinking that I know exactly what happened to Britney Spears…

FPS of the Year – 1999

You know the deal. Let’s do it!