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Wonderpod Episode 123

This week on Wonderpod. One of the cast explodes live on air. That is possibly bullshit, but cut me some slack. It’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. In reality we ramble on about video games and video game related matters as we do every week.

The Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. HayashiThe Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. HayashiThe Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. Hayashi

In a secret warehouse… they come to fight… for cold hard cash… and control of…. The Underground. Like something out of the cabinet era of fighting video games a la Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, The Underground kicked into high gear today with it’s debut episode. We’re introduced to the concept by “former” champion “King.” […]

Diablo 3 Game Play Video

I have been far to lazy to write lately. So why not give you a short video of Diablo III instead. This video covers the first four or five minutes of the game. You start your journey in Tristram which should be familiar to anyone who played the previous games. For those of you who […]

Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

I had some time this morning to shoot a minecraft video. Yet I wasn’t quite ready to show you guys my all new tree house city. I had a pesky building that I didn’t want anymore. Naturally I went for the quickest, easiest way to remove it. This of course lead to going to far […]

FPS of the Year – 1994

This is a BIG year, but I think getting movies for all the games and briefly going over them, while it creates more work for me, is a better way of going about this. Sure, it means the article is HUGE, but unless I’m told it’s also BORING, I’m going to keep doing this so […]

FPS of the Year – 1993

While it is going to be fairly obvious who takes home the gold this year, this was the first year to actually have a lot of FPS titles, many of which are…well, at least passable. Okay, no, there wasn’t anything mind blowing this year, but it was still a decent year, all things considered. With […]

Retro Post – Top 5 Theme Songs

Hello to all you lovely men, women and children of the wrestling community! I thought it might be fun to post an article straight out of the “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” vaults for your perusal and this is something I’d quite like to do over the next couple of months! Of course, my writing style has […]