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Wonderpod Episode 266

This week Wonderpod was live on Twitch. We always enjoy streaming the show live in front of an audience. If you missed the stream never fear. The normal audio episode is here for your enjoyment. Have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 263

Another week of Wonderpod being a duo show. We should be back to a complete trio next week. Little bit of everything this time. Flying by the seat of our pants is our preferred style these days. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 252

We are back to a trio. Which is as normal as a new episode of Wonderpod gets. A lot of news this week with meat to it. Always makes for fun times. Enjoy the show people!

Wonderpod Episode 218

A wild and wonderful Wonderpod this week. The regular trio is back in the saddle this time. The show was also broadcast live on Mixlr. Lots of comics talk with some gaming news. We will do another live event next month. Be sure to join us then.

Wonderpod Episode 212

What started out at as a normal show, Whic then turned into a two man adventure. Glasenator got lost in the wilderness somewhere in eastern Canada. So just Jon and I phoned the RCMP and then did a show. For those of you who like games we’ve been playing, its back in the mix. Plus […]

Wonderpod Episode 177

This weeks Wonderpod is very special. Our very own Jon and Glasenator recorded, produced and directed this episode. I for one am very proud and happy to hear this episode. They did an amazing job and I think you all should give it a listen. Warning I did make a brief pre-recorded appearance.

Wonderpod Episode 145

Wonderpod this week may seem a little glazed and confused. That wasn’t misspelled, just ganking crap I read on social media. We were joined by one of the original three and things pretty much spiraled out of control from there. Just wait until we actually talk about Ouya.