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Arma 3 Exile: The Horde?

To close out this set of videos on the Exile Mod. I came out of the shadows and logged into a full server. Plenty of opportunities to get yanked, ganked and hopefully spanked. That was what I expected to happen for this entire recording session. You will have to watch to see if that is […]

I Do Still Work Here!

Slammed with work and stressed out. Welcome to the life you sorry son of a bitch.  I have no issue with what I have on my plate, but the level of stress I am enduring makes writing impossible. Which makes me a little on the angry side. Still I got to give you something so […]

Nostalgia Trip

Stress is making my brain vomit. So in an effort to get something up I am going to do a nostalgia image post. Almost as crappy as list post, but with my brain broken it’s better than nothing. Most of the images you will see come from the original Morphine Nation forums. Lets say between […]