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BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 76

G fails to appear for the first half of the show, leaving the rest of the crew to wonder whether or not the 75 week appearance streak would end.  JT fills in for him in his absence while we relive what happened on wrestling television this week.  After the break song, picked by Jorge, G […]

Wonderpod Video Game Podcast Highlight Reel !

What is going on people? I hope your enjoying your weekend as much as I am. While you relax on a Sunday afternoon why not check out some highlights of an older episode of our Wonderpod Video Game Podcast? You can subscribe to us on iTunes, listen on Apple T.V. or download MP3 files of […]

Sunday, the perfect day for a Bulletstorm “dick” video.

Sunday is a day of rest, reflection, mediation and for millions upon millions of people around the entire world, a time for religious reflection, peace and family togetherness.  So I feel it is only fitting that I give you a video I discovered over on youtube today. This video, which was created not by me […]