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TCR Comix: The Brilliant Bedtime Household

Hey guys.  You know who we haven’t heard from in a while?  The Muppet-Things!  Seeing as it’s been a good four months since, I figure it’s time we checked in on them!

TCR Comix: The Lifespan Of The Average North American Woman, As Depicted On Facebook

Hey, how’s it going! Lately, The Internet has had this massive erection for the drug-addled antics of one Charlie Sheen.  Apparently, everyone remembered that he’s a remorseless drug addict, and he’s SO FRIGGIN’ FUNNY!  I hope Charlie enjoys this additional 5 minutes of fame, before The Internet loses interest and moves on to the next […]

TCR Comix: No One Rips on Local Sports Team!

This comic is particularly special, in that it is the 200th comic I have done for my website, TCR Comix.  You know, I was toying with ideas on how to mark this monumental occasion.  Should I do a metahumour comic, chiming in on how this silly website of mine actually made it to 200 comics?  […]