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Wonderpod Episode 186

It is time for a holiday Wonderpod. Okay, so it was recorded on a Holiday in one country. Good thing we have an international cast of characters to plug into the show. Chris Loyd joins us on the show this week and we were really glad he could be on. What are you waiting for? […]

Wonderpod Episode 185

Two weeks in a row for the three man format on Wonderpod. That is always nice and makes for a fun show. We go a little nostalgic this time around given the circumstances. Should be a fun walk down memory lane for everyone that listens. Next week we are having a special guest. So be […]

Bioshock Infinite Game play Demo

This video pretty much speaks for itself. I knew the next Bioshock was going to an excellent game just from the early screens. This game play demo from E3 seals the deal for me. I see game play elements from the first two wrapped in a brand new setting, which works for me. Obviously this […]