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Wonderpod Episode 273

Time for a new episode of Wonderpod. Another making it up as we go type show. Next week it will be a live show on twitch with a Halloween theme. Have a great weekend!!

Wonderpod Episode 264

Time for more Wonderpod. We are really sorry we couldn’t bring you a show last week. This week its a two man potluck. We held a high level meeting with our head ferret and he is pretty sure will be back to a full crew next week. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 156

This weeks Wonderpod is 100% new. Its a live wire of a show. Which is why we did it on a Friday. If we had tried it on Thursday it would been more Zombiepod. Not the good kind of zombies either. We do a quick preview of what you might of got in the first […]

Wonderpod Episode 150

This week Wonderpod has reach a 150 episodes. A milestone to be sure and with it comes some changes. We do mark the occasion with a little celebration. Then move into what we have in store for the listeners in the future. Some things will change, but for the most part it will be the […]